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Definition: Those who aim to financially support activities and initiatives pertaining to LERs

Examples: Foundations, corporate sponsors, and philanthropic individuals and organizations

Roles and Workstreams


  • Support usability studies to identify the features and services needed in various segments of the LER ecosystem and include a wide variety of user perspectives in the design of solutions
  • Create shared resources for capacity building
  • Ensure the use of interoperable standards for LERs
  • Invest in extensions of the LER technology ecosystems through applications enabled by innovation including AI


  • Stimulate collaborations between employers and solution-builders to increase learner and earner confidence and strengthen the link to employer utility


  • Support implementation and demonstration efforts, including digital literacy training for learners and earners, end-to-end deployments, user design research to better understand the applications of LERs in different populations and industries


  • Document impact by funding data collection, research and analysis in order to better understand the efficacy, economic advantages, and opportunities to increase the impact of LERs

Action Areas

There are key action areas that we believe LER ecosystem stakeholders should focus on to make significant progress towards adoption in service of equity and opportunity. All action areas rely on the participation of stakeholders in pilots, research and advocacy initiatives.

Gathering Data on Impact

How do we know LERs are effective in unlocking opportunities for learners and streamlining processes for employers and educators? Stakeholders across the ecosystem must collect empirical data that confirms value statements about LERs and identifies areas for improvement in work streams.

  • Ensure participation of a broad range of institutions in particular, including community colleges and workforce training, in pilots.
This work is helping funders like Walmart promote the kind of meaningful innovation that can prepare millions of Americans for the future of work. LERs are the backbone of a skills-based system and it’s exciting to support efforts that will drive broader adoption.
— Sean Murphy, Director, Walmart
This work was supported by a grant from Walmart